Programmed Maintenance

Our programmed maintenance regime incorporates condition inspections and maintenance of roofs, roof drainage systems, air conditioning and solar to give you peace of mind that your assets are working to their full potential.  All programmed maintenance inspections come with a full report on the condition of your roof by a qualified technician to satisfy the inspection requirements of your insurance policy.



Roof inspections, cleaning and maintenance is what National RoofCare was founded to do. By incorporating programmed inspections of roof sheets and guttering systems into your asset portfolio, you are ensuring that your roof is in the best position to protect the critical assets underneath it.

If your inspections discover any areas of concern, we are able to clean and repair any aspect of your roof and guttering systems. We provide a comprehensive set of data with each inspection, clean or repair, so our services satisfy the specification of many insurers and assist in maintaining policy requirements.



Height Safety System inspections and  maintenance are critical to ensuring your roof can be accessed safely at any time. Our HSS inspections certify all HSS elements on your roof as suitable for providing access and arresting workers falls from a roof.

Our inspections are conducted to all required Australian Standards.

If your HSS system has any maintenance requirements, we are able to design and install where required.

Refer to our Height Safety System page for more information.

drone inspection


Solar systems are found across our client’s roofs all over Australia. Many of these systems have never been monitored or maintained since their date of installation.

Based on our data, more than 50% of rooftop solar systems provide severely reduced, intermittent or no solar generation, many without our client’s knowledge. That’s why we launched SolarCare as an additional service to RoofCare.

SolarCare gives you the power to treat your solar as the asset it was installed to be. Through an initial audit, ongoing monitoring, cleaning and instant under performance notifications, you can be sure your system is performing to the highest level.



HVAC systems are typically the most expensive machine located on a roof. They are exposed to harsh weather and often neglected, reducing both unit lifespan and operating efficiency. Over the first 10 years of a typical air conditioners life, the system will lose 3% efficiency each year.

If your system has been around longer than that, it could be operating at as low as 50% of its original efficiency rating. That system is costing you twice as much to run as it should.

Our AirCare service puts the cost savings of maintained rooftop air conditioning and HVAC back into your pocket. Through regular inspections, cleaning and repairs, you can be sure your system is performing the best it can now and into the future.