Drone Inspections


Our drone surveys are revolutionising the roofing industry. We use photo capture techniques to identify areas of concern on your roof without getting on the roof, saving time, cost and most importantly, avoiding unnecessary time working at heights.

Using high resolution video imaging, we are able to identify areas where water is pooling, debris and grime buildup which may be blocking water flow, roof sheet and penetration damage, corrosion and damaged equipment along with so much more.

In many cases, we include thermal imaging with our drone surveys. While standard industry practice is to remove roof sheets to identify complex leaks paths (or even worse, trial and error to find leak paths), we are often able to identify leak paths through a thermal imaging survey. Our comprehensive thermal imaging surveys also help you understand areas of thermal weakness in your roof which are increasing your air conditioning bill in winter and heating bill in summer.

Of course, all videos, photos and thermal images we take are available to our clients to review and decide the best course of action for their roof, giving unparalleled decision making power to facility managers and owners.