National RoofCare are one of the most experienced structural inspection companies in the country with over 2,000 buildings inspected for solar capacity.


National RoofCare is helping pave the way for renewable energy by inspecting both structure and electrical components, cleaning panels and providing height safety systems for solar.

Prior to installation National RoofCare can attend any site and obtain the roofs structural data which can then be evaluated by a team of qualified engineers for solar capacity. Across sites in QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC the team has inspected buildings for more than 55mW of solar installation.

Over time solar must be maintained to ensure optimal generation is continuously met. Panels can develop a build up of lichen, dust or other debris which can limit the amount of generation capable by each individual panel. We recommend regularly cleaning solar panels at least every 12 months depending on each sites unique conditions. National RoofCare can combine solar panel cleaning with a roof condition inspection, annual height safety certification and gutter cleaning all in one visit to minimise disruption to site and ensure the continued upkeep of your asset.

Height safety systems can ensure safe access to solar panels for the purpose of maintenance and installation. We have worked with several solar installers to provide appropriate height safety systems for their solar designs. Our team of in house engineers and height safety system qualified personnel can design a system to suit your needs and work around the solar design providing solutions that allow for easy access and limit the impacts of shading.