Height Safety Systems

Height Safety Systems

National RoofCare understands that working at heights is a high risk activity and it is important for buildings to provide safe access to the roof and associated services. We can provide end to end services for Height Safety Systems, with an inhouse team of qualified engineers and installers we can design, install and certify any system. Height Safety Systems benefit all personnel who are required to access a roof including; solar cleaning and maintenance, gutter cleaning, roof maintenance, HVAC maintenance and more.

Designing an appropriate Height Safety System involves talking with and understanding the clients needs, measuring the site and understanding all relevant codes and regulations. Our in house team of engineers are qualified to design a system to suit your roof.

National RoofCare goes above and beyond for installation with qualified roofers installing systems that will meet both plumbing code and height safety code. This separates us from other installers as we can assure you that the system is installed correctly and the roof is in good condition before and after the install.

Each system is required to be certified every 12 months to ensure compliance to safety standards. National RoofCare can provide this service along with roof condition inspections, gutter cleaning and solar cleaning in a single visit.