National RoofCare specialises in live environments with experience running projects at hospitals, tram depots, aquatic centres, universities and food packaging centres


National RoofCare has become specialist in carrying out repairs and roof replacement in live environments, where safety and short timelines is paramount. Knowing that many of today’s buildings or facilities, don’t have the ability to close for major repairs and are required to function with no other option. It is critical that a roof can perform in the worst of conditions. Our services are fully modular, allowing you to pick and choose the aspects of each service that suit your national care program.

We imbed an on site project manager to work closely with the client and develop an installation plan that suits them. National RoofCare understand that each site has unique conditions and can implement safety procedures to suit the site. We have experience providing under roof netting, scaffolding, roof tie downs and work near high voltage lines. Our team of qualified supervisors run a daily pre-start meeting to ensure safety is front of mind and day to day changes in conditions are understood before work begins.

Major works can be challenging from start to finish which is why National RoofCare has developed teams to handle complex works. Our teams provide a high level of information prior to beginning works including, construction management plans, gantt charts, work method instructions and communication plans. Once the work starts our qualified field teams quickly and safely progress through the works providing daily updates.

Whatever the project, we will work with you to provide the best solution for your site.

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