Park Street




2 Park St, Sydney


Park Street Roof Maintenance

Project Description

National RoofCare has recently inspected and upgraded what could be the highest metal roof in the southern hemisphere. 2 Park St, Sydney is currently the 5 th tallest building in NSW, an impressive 243m high.

The site poses unique challenges such as safety. Safety is paramount to NRC’s operations, all personnel must hold the appropriate qualifications for any job. Any wind conditions at ground level are doubled once at the roof of this building, a pre-start is conducted prior to commencing any work at NRC sites to discuss unique site conditions and the safety measures put in place to control them.

Another challenge of this site is access, all material and personnel must go up and down in the elevator. This limits the size and quantity of material that can be moved at any time. Once at the top of the elevator materials must go up a few flights of stairs and then up scaffolding to reach the roof. Although challenging, the views are worth it. 360 degree city views of Sydney CBD is a reward for all the hard work.