Melton City Council Solar Inspections

Congratulations to the team for completing its consulting services on Height Safety Systems, Roof Condition Inspections and Structural Inspections for Melton City Council. The NRC team has completed inspections on 10 buildings in the Melton region in preparation for over 1MW of solar installations happening in 2021.

Working with Green Home Green Planet, National RoofCare has successfully delivered a recommendations package to the council of roof condition issues that need to be fixed prior to solar installation, height safety system condition reports and upgrade recommendations and structural inspections to determine the capacity of solar that the roofs can hold.

The team mobilized in mid-November following once COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne were eased, completing the physical inspection component of 10 buildings in less than three weeks and delivering final recommendations before the Christmas break.

A core component of this package was re-designing height safety systems for the council to be able to access the solar systems for cleaning and maintenance. Utilising our close relationship with Green Home Green Planet, we were able to co-optimize the design of the solar and height safety systems, producing the best outcome for the client in less than three weeks.

Well done to the inspection and engineering team that worked on the project!

To our height safety system installation and roof plumbing team, time to gear up for installation in 2021!