Melton Solar Feasibility Studies

Congratulations to the team for completing its consulting services on Height Safety Systems, Roof Condition Inspections and Structural Inspections for Melton City Council. The NRC team has completed inspections on 10 buildings in the Melton region in preparation for over 1MW of solar installations happening in 2021.

Working with Melton City Council and Green Home Green Planet, National RoofCare completed an inspection of current height safety systems, roof condition and roof structural capacity to hold solar systems.

Following the inspection period, we produced a report on the current state of the roofs and recommended roofing actions before installing solar, current height safety system condition and recommended improvements/engineering designs for new height safety systems and engineered structural capacity for solar systems.

Working with Green Home Green Planet, National RoofCare integrated its designs with the detailed solar designs to produce an optimized solar installation program for Melton City Council.

Onto the next step of the program, replacing and rectifying roofs and installation of height safety systems!

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